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“Lisa and everyone at CSI have taken care of my clients (I'm a mortgage lender) over the last 5 years. On top of that, she does all of my business, personal, medical and rental insurance. They have always gone above and beyond for me. As a super busy person, they accommodate my semi-hectic schedule and keep me properly insured, without me having to follow up or keep an eye on things. I recommend clients to them because they do such a great job for me personally, I would recommend everyone try them out!."

Kate Heffernan

"Chris has been our insurance agent for the last 4 years and we have had nothing but excellent service from him and his staff!.”

Kristine Hott-Bishop

“I have heard nothing but good things about this company! I plan on switching next month.”

Tylor Noel

"Lisa Vogel is my agent. She has gone above and beyond what I expected a from an agent. She is absolutely the best agent I’ve ever had and would recommend her to anyone!!"

Frances Haudenshild

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