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Farm Insurance in Ohio                                 

Farm Insurance Information

Farms are just like other businesses. A bad yield can mean failure for the farmer. Other hazards may also affect farmers when it comes to their assets. With this in mind, farmers need to financially recover if their property is damaged or their production fails.  

Farm insurance and other commercial insurance benefits can assist with their ability to bounce back. The agents at CSI Insurance LLC can help you find the farm insurance solutions you may need to help safeguard your farm. 

What’s Farm Insurance? 

Farm insurance is a contract between a farming operation and an insurance company. Your farm insurance coverage may i
nclude a variety of policies designed to provide financial protection specific to your organization.  

Contact your agent to get help personalizing your farm insurance. 

What Does Farm Insurance Cover?  

Many types of insurance coverage may benefit a farmer. Some of the most common farm insurance solutions include: 


  • Commercial auto insurance: If you use or own vehicles for your farm or its operations, you may need commercial auto insurance rather than personal auto insurance.

  • Crop insurance: Weather, fires and other hazards can damage crops. This coverage may pay a settlement to help you replace damaged items and lost income.

  • Equine insurance: Horses are often valuable for farm operations and their market value. Therefore, if you breed or raise horses, a single loss might be expensive. This coverage may insure your horses against death, injuries and other hazards.

  • Farm dwelling insurance: If you live on your farm, this policy can cover your home.

  • Farm equipment insurance: Should important assets like pumps, rakes, sprayers and other tools get damaged, this coverage can help pay for those items.

  • Farm liability insurance: Your operations might cause bodily injuries or property damage to various people, including your clients. This coverage may help you repay them for their losses.

  • Farm livestock insurance: A loss to your animals could mean a loss of profit. This coverage may help you recover the results.

  • Farm structures insurance: This coverage insures barns, grain silos and other property.

  • Tractor insurance: Standard equipment insurance often doesn’t cover tractors or other farm vehicles. You may need to purchase separate coverage to protect these items against damage or other losses.

  • Umbrella insurance: Standard liability insurance has limits. If you have a claim exceeding these limits, then umbrella liability coverage may help cover the remaining costs.

  • Workers compensation insurance: If you hire full- or part-time employees in your operation, you may need workers’ compensation. It can pay employees supplementary income if work-related injuries or illnesses force them from their jobs.

We can help evaluate your personal and commercial assets to ensure you have insurance that offers protection against the risks your farm faces.  

What Does Farm Insurance Cost?  

CSI Insurance LLC can help guide you in choosing the right insurance policy to maximize protection against your unique exposures. We will help you choose coverage for your unique farming needs. Call us today at 800-589-9740 to get started on your farm insurance.  

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