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Commercial General Liability Insurance in Ohio

General Liability Insurance Information

General liability claims are not uncommon and can lead to costly losses. If your business is accused of causing third-party property damage or bodily injury, you could experience financial hardship with the potential to bankrupt your business. The right general liability insurance can help protect you from these losses. 

The protection you deserve is just a few clicks away. Contact CSI Insurance, LLC, in Tiffin, Ohio, to learn more about our general liability insurance coverage.  

What Is General Liability Insurance? 

A general liability insurance policy can help pay for claims arising from your everyday business operations, such as customer injuries or property damage. In some cases, procuring general liability insurance coverage may help you qualify for contracts and leases.  

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover? 

General liability insurance, also known as commercial general liability insurance, is an essential aspect of any successful risk management program. Here are some of the common coverages a general liability policy can provide: 

  • Medical payments coverage can help pay for medical expenses of non-employees if they’re injured at your business or because of your business operations.

  • Bodily injury liability can help cover costs (e.g., legal fees, lost wages) if your business is accused of causing bodily harm to a third party.

  • Personal and advertising injury liability can help pay for defense costs, settlements and other related expenses if your business is accused of causing personal injury, stealing advertising ideas or publishing false and misleading statements.

  • Property damage liability can help pay for repairs or replacements if your business

  • Completed operations coverage can help cover costs associated with damage resulting from your business’ finished projects or operations.

Employee injuries aren’t usually included in general liability coverage. You will likely need workers’ compensation insurance to protect your employees from work-related injury costs.  

When Is General Liability Insurance Required? 

Typically, a general liability insurance policy is not a legal requirement for businesses. However, there are exceptions in some states for certain types of developers and contractors. Ask your insurance agent if general liability insurance is required for your business. In some situations, small businesses may also need to procure general liability coverage to receive a loan or lease. 

Who Needs General Liability Insurance 

Many business owners decide general liability insurance is worth the cost of premiums. Here are some instances where a general liability policy could be beneficial: 

  • You rent or lease commercial property.

  • You handle client property.

  • Your business location is open to the public.

  • You work closely with customers or clients.

Getting General Liability Coverage 

The best general liability policy is the coverage you can feel good about. Contact CSI Insurance, LLC, to begin working with an insurance agent today and get a general liability insurance quote for your business. 

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