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Preventing Motorcycle Theft

TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2022 Since motorcycles are easily accessible, they are highly prone to theft. If you like to hit the open road on two wheels, review the below tips to help avoid having your bike taken. HELP PREVENT MOTORCYCLE THEFT

  • - When you get off your bike, shut off the ignition and then lock it.

  • - Lock the forks (disk brakes). Purchase locks that are brightly colored to discourage potential thieves.

  • - Lock multiple motorcycles together if you are traveling in a pack.

  • - If you are riding alone, lock your motorcycle to a stationary object that cannot be dismantled such as a light pole.

  • - Install an alarm on your bike that sounds when it is tampered with.

  • - Check on your bike periodically when you are at a public event, especially shortly after you arrive.

  • - Park your bike in front of a security camera or close to your room, when staying at a hotel for the evening.

  • - Store the title for your motorcycle in your home; not in the compartments or saddlebags on your bike.

  • - Mark your bike with a unique symbol or mark and take photographs of that. If your motorcycle is stolen, you can present this information to the police.

  • - Always keep your motorcycle registration and insurance information with you when riding.

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14 nov 2023

Securing your motorcycle is crucial, and Locksmith Gastonia NC plays a pivotal role in enhancing its protection. By investing in high-quality locks and security systems, you not only deter thieves but also gain peace of mind knowing your prized possession is in safe hands.

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