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What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2022

Though businesses often require different types of insurance depending on industry risks, every single business can benefit from general liability insurance. This type of coverage offers valuable financial protection to your business, as well as to your customers. In particular, this coverage can protect against the resulting expenses if your business is held responsible for injuring a third party or damaging their property. Essentially, it can save everyone involved in a covered incident from large out-of-pocket costs. What exactly is covered by general liability insurance? These incidents involve damages sustained by third parties that stem from your business and employees. Let’s look at a few examples of incidents that could be covered by general liability insurance. A customer enters your store, happy to be out of the rain for some shopping. She doesn’t see a puddle near the entrance and slips and falls on the tile floor, breaking a leg on her way down. She must get medical attention and miss a few weeks of work while she recovers. Since it’s the responsibility of your business to clearly mark hazards and promptly clean them, this customer can make a claim against you to recover her lost expenses and income. A delivery man enters your business with a parcel and is surprised to see clutter everywhere.

He accidentally knocks a stack of junk with his toe, which causes a heavy object to fall on top of him. Again, his injuries can be attributed to your business since it’s your responsibility to maintain a safe, tidy workplace. An employee is painting the exterior of your store’s windows for the season and a metal cart full of supplies accidentally drifts away because the wheels weren’t properly locked. Before the employee can catch it, the cart slams into a customer’s car, leaving a huge dent and a broken tail light. This too would fall under the responsibility of your business. Even though your business takes safety precautions, accidents can happen at any time. And if a customer or other third party suffers an injury or property damage at the hands of your business, general liability insurance can provide the necessary financial support to get through the incident. We’ve got you covered. Call CSI Insurance LLC at (800) 589-9740 for more information on business insurance.

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